Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Dear email readers: Please subscribe to Atom feed

Dear reader, if you read The Savory Tort via email subscription, then, first, thank you; and, second, regrettably, a small change will be necessary for you to continue your generous devotion of time to this blog.

Google will terminate its Feedburner application in July 2021.  Feedburner is Blogger's email delivery service.

There are many online tools to manage your blog reading.  For those of us who still depend on email in our work, email remains our favorite way to learn about new blog postings.  It's a simple matter to replace the function of Feedburner, which is, essentially, to convert an RSS or Atom feed to email.  I'll be doing this for the blogs that I follow.

My favorite and an easy-to-use tool to get this done is Blogtrottr.  This tool is recommended by librarians at the University of Missouri.  Blogtrottr's ad-supported plan is free.

All you need to do is enter the URL of a blog's RSS or Atom feed and your email address into the boxes on Blogtrottr's home page, where it looks like this:

Even if you don't know a blog's RSS or Atom address, Blogtrottr usually can detect it, if there is one, if you enter the URL of the blog's home page (for example, http://www.thesavorytort.com/).  Blogtrottr lets you decide whether you want to receive real-time notifications or periodic digests.  The system will send you an email to confirm your subscription choice.  Of course, you can unsubscribe from a blog anytime.

The Atom feed URL for The Savory Tort is


You can highlight and copy, or right-click and copy that link.  The link is always available in the right column under "Subscribe" / "Posts" / "Atom."

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